The 2nd Adventist Business Conference



On November 6, 2016, the Adventist Community in Uganda will launch the second annual corporate Adventist Business Conference (ABC) for business entrepreneurs, business partners and people with good business idea. The conference will be hosted at Lugogo Multi-purpose Hall starting at 08:00am – 05:00pm.

This year’s conference will be addressed by renowned business entrepreneurs and economists including Dr. Ramathan Ggoobi of the Uganda Bureau of Statistics, Elder William Kiganda – Commissioner URA, Elder Benon Luggya – Director, Maganjo Grain Millers, Elder Miiro Edward – Executive Treasurer of the Central Uganda Conference and Elder. G. Mpagi Ssewanyana – Director Image Crusade among others. The conference will be graced by Rwabwogo Odrek Director Tomosi farm Bwesharire ltd

What is ABC?

It is a corporate business forum that brings together different business entrepreneurs to network and harness their potential for further progress. The forum is an initiative of Prime Radio 91.9fm and the Central Uganda Conference (CUC) of the SDA Church.

The ABC is as a result of the dialectical analysis of our societies especially Prime Radio listenership, the Adventist Community and the country at large, through essential question like What?, Who?, When?, Where?, Why?, and How?

The forum, which is development oriented, calls for interplay of three major partners so as to change the point of direction, in what is referred to as a triangular benefit. The partners include

  • Prime radio (a church media house),
  • The CUC (a church administrative structure)
  • the radio listener (who comprise a bigger percentage of the SDA church followers).

The forum is deliberately aimed at strengthening each of the three entities through building formidable platforms that can enhance each ones’ progress.

The Listener

Although the ultimate role of radio is to entertain, inform and educate; modern radio also caters for the socio-economic welfare of its listener. Therefore, the business forum gives an opportunity to the listener to learn how to make money and improve his/her economic welfare. In the end, such a listener becomes a loyal radio listener.

The church

Because the church’s most important business are the people, it is therefore paramount that leaders consciously mind about the quality of their people. One of the laws of dialectics looks at the “transformation of quantity into quality and vice versa.” Therefore, by encouraging the development f a strong business sector amongst members, the church is likely to progress further.

Prime radio

Like it is said “man determines the environment he/she wants to stay,” prime radio is also duty-bound to help stimulate their socio-economic welfare of her listenership. In addition, by enabling more enterprises to flourish, the radio is likely to register more loyal clients (advertisers) such as Fire systems, Muro Poultry, KMS, KY Home Deport and many others.

Conference Objectives

  • Enable companies provide basic information such as business location/ contact
  • Increase sales by telling potential customers about their products or services
  • Tell customers about changes in their services, new product launches & special offers
  • Remind existing customers about their business
  • Change people’s attitudes and perceptions about their business
  • Develop a distinctive brand for their businesses
  • Generate awareness of their businesses
  • Develop a particular market or sales niche for their products or services

Conference Participants

The conference brings together Small, Medium and Large entrepreneurs and People with ideas to start business, in different sectors such as: Agro and Food Processing, Tourism, Mineral Beneficiation, ICT, Education, Health Care, Real Estate, Fisheries, Construction, Manufacturing, Consultancy, Printing, Farming, Banking, Hairdressing, Welding, Retail Trade, Events Management, Entertainment and many others.

The 2nd ABC will be held under the theme: “Drive Your Dream, Driven by Need & Market Inter-dependency,” and guest speakers will address different topics such as:

  • How to start, manage and earn from your business
  • Church and business,
  • Networking and how to get deals done
  • Taxation and its effects
  • The role of Advertisement and the significance of Prime Radio

The 2nd Adventist Business Conference is also aimed at accomplishing the following goals:

  • EA1. Increasing business connections (Networking) for different companies
  • EA2. Adoption of an In-house Advertisement Plan to reduce market challenges & expenses
  • EA3. Formation of an Adventist-Business Association (ABA) to help steer and unearth all available opportunities for different companies or institutions

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