Parliament Rejects FDC Move to Withdraw Turinawe



The Clerk to Parliament Jane Kibirige has rejected a letter from the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party withdrawing the candidature of Ingrid Turinawe from the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) race.

In her letter dated 23rd February 2017, the Clerk acknowledges receipt of party president Major General Mugisha Muntu's letter withdrawing the candidature of Turinawe and retaining Florence Ibi Ekwau.

Kibirige however says that Muntu's letter contravenes Rule 7 (2) of the parliament Rules of Procedure that requires a withdrawal letter from the EALA race to be signed by both the nominee personally and the secretary general of the party which nominated him or her.

Kibirige advises the party to withdraw Turinawe's candidature in accordance with the parliament rules of procedure.

Meanwhile, Muntu has once again written to the Clerk saying that there was an oversight in regard to the provisions of the rules of procedure for the election of members of EALA.

"While our position remains the same, I am working on rectification measures to address the oversight given the fact that our Secretary General and deputies are out of station," reads Muntu's second letter to parliament.

Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda, the FDC party spokesperson told PRIME RADIO that the party management sat on Monday following consultations and other considerations and decided to sponsor one candidate.

Ssemujju says that he does not know of another meeting that has reversed the decision to withdraw Turinawe from the race.

When asked about the issue of the party disregarding the rules in the process of withdrawing Turinawe's candidature, Ssemujju dismissed existence of rules on the EALA elections saying that they are working in confusion.

Turinawe still maintains that she has not yet received a copy of the letter withdrawing her candidature but expresses gratitude about another letter she has learnt of, retracting the earlier party position.

"I am a candidate, I have never been a coward, you can be fought by many people but on this case, I think the party president was misled and whatever is going on, we are going to solve it in our home," said Turinawe.

When asked on who misled Muntu, Turinawe said that she was not sure about it saying she is a dully nominated candidate by the FDC party and that if there is any reason for her withdrawal, it is only fair for her to be consulted.

Turinawe insists she was not part of any meeting discussing her withdrawal noting that the last meeting she attended was the National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting that endorsed her candidature.

Parliament's verification committee approved 47 candidates for the EALA race and elections are slated for Tuesday February 28th in the Parliament Chambers. Candidates are expected to campaign before the voting exercise by members of parliament.


Kabale Hospital Cleaners Strike over Pay



Cleaners at Kabale Regional Referral Hospital have laid down their tools citing nonpayment of allowances.

They accuse their contractor, Ambrose Mugyenyi for failing to pay them since November 2016.Their payments range from 52,500 for daytime employees and 70,000 Shillings for night shift employees.

The strike by cleaners has triggered a foul smell in the Pediatric, Maternity and Surgical wards. Patient attendants were seen improvising to clean the wards using their own manpower.

Lydia Akatuha, one of the cleaners says that their ability to secure basics needs is diminishing yet their employer is adamant about releasing their payments.

Praise Mwebesa, another cleaner says that they were forced to lay down their tools after they failed to get a clear explanation to why they were not being paid.

The Senior Hospital Administrator at Kabale Regional Referral Hospital, David Tibemanya faults the contractor for not paying cleaners despite receiving payments from the hospital.

When contacted, Ambrose Mugyenyi the contractor to the cleaners admits that the cleaners have never received their pay since November last year. He however says the problem was brought by the hospital administrators who did not remit the money for every month in time. He adds that cleaners will get their pay before Saturday.



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