Kyenjojo Road Projects Stall as Road Equipment Breaksdown




A team comprising Members of Parliament from Katakwi and Napak district have flown to London, to search for colonial maps to end the border conflict.

Napak and Katakwi districts have been embroiled in the conflict that has caused loss of lives and now instigating tribal differences between the Iteso and Karimojong.

Both leaders from either side have labelled accusations against each other especially on the recent land acquisition at the border. The two districts are fighting over the villages of Alekilek and Kodike and Kaithelem market.

Although the Minister of Local Government, Tom Butime opened the boundary in February, no common ground has been reached by the two districts.

contends that the decision by the minister encroached on their land in Alekilek and Kodike, previously in the district.

In July, Katakwi residents accused Napak team of allegedly throwing them out of their residences along the border. Although Napak denied the accusations, both districts remained upset, something that prompted the MPs to seek original maps from London.

Information obtained from the team in London indicates that some progress has been made after the team accessed some of the documents in the British Library.

“Teso and Karamoja leaders yesterday accessed the information from the BritisLibrary and today they are at the national archives. Tomorrow, they shall thump print on the photocopied maps”, the update from MPs read.

The team in London also comprises of Ministry of Lands officials and Leonard Mugerwa, the Deputy Ambassador at the High Commission in London.

The team is expected to return to Uganda next after getting basic information on their search.


Museveni Tasked to Fulfill Pledge on Janani Luwum Church Construction



President Museveni has been tasked to fulfil pledges he made towards supporting the construction of St Janani Luwum Church in Kitgum Municipality a year ago.

Construction works on the Church estimated to cost 3.5 billion shillings and named in memory of the slain former Church of Uganda Archbishop Janani Luwum started in 2003.

It however stalled over the years after Kitgum Diocese failed to raise funds from believers and well-wishers required to complete the church.

Rev Canon Robinson Oginga Odinga, the Kitgum Town Parish Vicar who is overseeing the church construction says President Museveni in March last year made commitments to financially support construction of the church.

According to Rev Odinga, the President while presiding over the groundbreaking for constructing the church pledged iron sheets, cements and angle bars but a year later, only 560 iron sheets were delivered through the Kitgum Municipality Member of Parliament Beatrice Anywar.

Rev Odinga, however, says the Diocese hasn’t received pledges made on cements and angle bars amounting to 368 million shillings to date.

Rev Odinga says the delays in fulfilling the pledges has greatly affected progress of the church construction adding that the parish currently relies on a small church that can’t accommodate the high numbers of Christians.

He notes that a week ago they embarked on constructing a section of eastern wall of the church after pledges made by Christians and local leaders amounting to over 8 million shillings were realized.

Rev Odinga, however, says the money will only facilitate work on a small section of the church leaving the greater work untouched.

The Senior Presidential Spokesperson Don Wanyama, when contacted in a telephone interview, says a pledge made by the president is always fulfilled adding that the delays may be a result of unavailable funds at the moment.

He, however, says the Kitgum Diocese shouldn’t panic about the delays and instead advised them to reach out to the State House comptroller Lucy Nakyobe Mbonye to follow up on the pledge.

However, over the years the works stalled due to lack of funds after Kitgum Diocese failed to raise the remaining 2.3 billion shillings meant to complete its construction.

Once the church construction is complete, it will be able to accommodate 3,000 worshipers.


PAG Faction Petitions Museveni Over Property




The Pentecostal Assemblies of God-PAG Lira, a breakaway faction from the Pentecostal Assemblies of God Mission, Uganda has petitioned President, Yoweri Museveni to intervene in their property dispute.

PAG Lira Limited started in June 2015 following the excommunication of Reverend Joel Mukalo, the then Bishop of Lira PAG Pastorate in 2014 by the council of Bishops of Pentecostal Assemblies of God led by their General Superintendent, Dr. Rev Simon Emiau.

Mukalo and his supporters decided to start PAG Lira Limited where he was enthroned as Bishop in August, 2015. Now, they want President Museveni to help them regain ownership of some the property under the control of PAG Mission Uganda.

Specifically, Mukalo’s faction wants President Museveni to help them get back LPC Health Centre IV, which they claim to have built. “We want the President to help us and ensure that our property that was built with funding from peasants isn’t taken away by anybody,” Rev. Mukalo said.

Johnson Adupa, the Spokesperson PAG Lira Limited, says they are in possession of the title of the land hosting the health center. Adupa insists that they will not hesitate to pursue their desire to take possession of the facility.

Canon Aaron Mwesigye, the Director of Religious Affairs in the Directorate of Ethics and Integrity told PRIME RADIO that he is in talks with the PAG Lira limited faction over the matter. He said they will soon submit a detailed report to President Museveni regarding the petition.

While meeting members of the rival factions in Lira recently, Canon Mwesigye urged them to work without interfering with the work of one another.


Activists Demand Bio-metrics Registration for People on ARVS




HIV/AIDS activists in Kigezi Sub region are demanding for biometrics registration of all People Living with HIV/Aids already on treatment for easy management. According to the 2017 Uganda Population HIV Impact Assessment, the HIV/AIDS prevalence in Kigezi sub region stood at 7.9 percent.

However, activists argue that most of those on treatment have a habit of registering different identities whenever they visit different medical facilities for treatment, which makes it difficult to monitor their status by health workers and counselors.

Eunice Kabagambe, a counselor at Kambuga Hospital in Kanungu district, says they have registered several cases where People Living with HIV/Aids register to receive drugs and counseling services but after some months they go to other health facilities and register again using different names.

As a result, they are given treatment which doesn’t correspond with their current medicine since they don’t present their medical records. According to Kabagambe, says this affects their planning for People Living with HIV/Aids.

Kabagambe says that the only solution for this problem is to register all People Living with HIV/Aids using digital fingerprinting. She says some of the victims have died due to failure to adhere to the treatment as a result of changing from one health facility to another.

Alice Kasisi Babihuga, the Rukungiri District Health Educator who also doubles at the District HIV Focal Person, says they have registered many cases of People Living with HIV/Aids changing names whenever they change health facilities.

Kasisi says this makes it difficult for health workers to determine exact type of drugs to give them. He backs the proposal to use biometrics registration to help ease monitoring all people on HIV treatment since the information can easily be traced.

Syrus Habyarimana, the Seventh Day Adventist Church Priest in charge of Busanza zone in Kisoro district, says it is very unfortunate for People Living with HIV/Aids to register in different health facilities using different names.

He says their efforts as religious leaders to sensitize People Living with HIV/Aids against the practice have failed to yield results.

Lillian Tatwebwa, the In-Charge of Advocacy and Communication for the National Response in Uganda AIDS Commission, says this problem isn’t unique to Kigezi sub region but its nationwide.

According to Tatwebwa, People Living with HIV/Aids shift from one health facility to another and change names due to stigma. She explains that most People Living with HIV/Aids shift from one health center to another to receive drugs after realizing that that they have either been identified by their friends or mastered by health workers.

Tatwebwa says that there is need for compressive counseling for all People Living with HIV/Aids to stop this practice, which disrupts their treatment. She says the proposal to use biometrics registration isn’t possible because it may infringe on the privacy of the patients.

She says government through the Health Ministry is considering creating software, which only requires the clients to insert private codes to help track their records.


Mak Staff Tribunal Asks Lecturers Mushomi, Kabagenyi to Reconcile




The Chairperson of the Makerere Staff Appeals tribunal Justice John Patrick Tabaro has advised two lecturers in the school of statistics and planning to reconcile their differences.

The lecturers are Dr John Mushomi Atwebembeire and Dr Allen Kabagenyi, a Demographer and a lecturer in the Population Studies Department, School of Statistics and Planning, Makerere University.

Dr John Mushomi Atwebembeire was suspended in December for four years without pay for allegedly assaulting his Kabagenyi.

“During hearing of this appeal, it was resolved that efforts be made to reconcile the appellant, Dr John Mushomi with the complainant Dr Allen Kabagenyi. We have therefore mandated two of our tribunal members to explore the possibility of the tribunal,” Justice Patrick Tabaro, the tribunal chairperson said on Tuesday in presence of the parties.

Associate Prof. Ronald Kakungulu Mayambala, a senior lecturer at Makerere University's School of Law, together with Edith Kusasira, a Human Resource Management expert from the Ministry of Public Service who is also a member of the tribunal have up to Tuesday next week to produce a report on the reconciliation process back to the tribunal.

The reconciliation process is expected to also involve Stephen Ojiambo Wandera the head of department of the university’s School of Statistics and Planning.

While representing Dr Mushomi before the staff appeals tribunal on Tuesday, Isaac Ssemakadde of the Centre for Legal Aid said they welcomed the tribunal guidance and that his client was willing to cooperate during the mediation process.

The parties are expected to return on Tuesday next week to receive the outcomes of the reconciliation process.

Ssemakadde says if the process is successful, and satisfies both parties, they expect to report the terms of agreement.

Ssemakadde previously told the tribunal that the then-appointments board chairperson, Bruce Kabaasa, whose term ended on December 19 last year, was inconsiderate and unfair to many employees.

He had also highlighted to the tribunal that fake minutes had been smuggled as part of prosecution evidence.

In March, hearing of the Makerere University Staff Appeals Tribunal flopped for the second time due to the failure by the university to table minutes relating to the mass staff sacking in December last year.

Mushomi asked the University Staff Appeals Tribunal to quash his four-year suspension without pay citing he was unfairly suspended and that the suspension of four years without pay was harsh, excessive and in contravention of employment laws.


MTK Uganda Officials Granted Bail




Bugiri police are holding Patrick Kiirya, a security guard attached to new security company limited for shooting and injuring a taxi conductor.

Kiirya is accused of shooting Muzamiru Kaligavu, the conductor of taxi registration number, UAV 504R at Burar Pump fuel station on Tuesday evening.

The taxi was destined for Busia from Iganga district but made a stopover at the pump fuel station to drop some passengers. Kiirya, who was on guard duties asked Kaligavu to vacate the area in vain prompting him to open fire.

The bullet injured Kaligavu while Hanington Mboko sustained injuries on the left eye from the bullet fragments. The gunshot victims are receiving treatment at Bugiri General Hospital and recovering steadily.

Kiirya told journalists that, he was forced to open fire because of the conductor's arrogance.

"This conductor operates along the highway and is very much aware that due to the frequent robberies, taxis are not allowed to park at fuel stations. He adamantly kept on insulting me even when the station manager asked him to politely vacate the premises. I had no option rather than applying minimum force, “he said.

Kailugavu says the shooting was uncalled for. "The highway was very busy with trailers hailing from different directions. There was no way i would risk the lives of 14 people. That is how i ended up offloading passengers at the fuel. The guard would have been lenient with us instead of shooting," he said.

James Mubi, the Busoga East Police Spokesperson confirms the incident, saying Kiirya is charged with unlawful wounding. Mubi cautions the general public to observe safety guidelines stipulated by both private and public entities to ensure harmony.

"Everything has laws governing it and our people should follow the stipulated guidelines to avoid chaos," he said.



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