Musisi Cautions Next KCCA ED against Land Grabbers




Outgoing Kampala Capital City (KCCA) Executive Director Jenifer Musisi has said that protecting KCCA land from encroachers should be a key priority for the next city bosses.

Musisi, who is set to relinquish the position on December 15, 2018, says that during her seven year stint at the helm of the administration of the city, KCCA has fought hard to protect its land from encroachers and city tycoons who were gazing at various prime plots of lands.

Indeed Musisi has faced off with a number of high profile businessmen and city moguls who wanted to take over KCCA land, especially where schools are situated. The latest fight pits the city authority against Kampala Archdiocese over Ntinda Primary School, a matter which has since gone before the Justice Catherine Bamugemereire Commission of Inquiry.

The church has secured a lease of the school land from Uganda Lands Commission (ULC). However, KCCA has boldly rejected to handover the school.

Musisi who started her last week as KCCA Executive Director today says the next executive directors and directors whether political leaders or technical leaders or city tycoons, should avoid conniving with outsiders to steal or sell off KCCA land.

Musisi adds that the valuation of KCCA properties during her tenure has increased from 46 to 660 billion Shilling. She adds that protection and value increment of KCCA properties should be the main focus for the next leaders at City Hall.

The matters came up during an interaction with journalists after the launch of a drive to remove Asbestos iron sheets from Nakivubo Blue Primary on Monday morning. She argued that recapturing land that had been stolen or sold illegally were the fiercest battles he fought as Kampala boss.

Musisi pointed out that when she assumed office in 2011, she found that places like KCCA FC stadium, KCCA demonstration farm, Kyanja, the KCCA House on Sezzibwa Road that had been occupied by then intelligence services coordinator Gen David Tinyefuza, among others were about to be taken or occupied illegally.

"For the seven years that we have been in office, we have fought hard to regain properties that have been taken illegally and develop them. That is how we have increased the value of KCCA assets," she said.


Museveni Declines to Stop Operations Against Illegal Fishing



President, Yoweri Museveni has rejected a petition by Isabaruuli Constantine Mwogezi Butamanya, the cultural leader of Buruuli Chiefdom to stop operations against illegal fishing practices on Lake Kyoga. In 2017, Museveni deployed 12 soldiers under the Fisheries Protection Unit on Lake Kyoga to combat illegal fishing practices.

It followed an unprecedented increase in illegal fishing practices on Lake Kyoga, leading to the depletion of the fish stock. The team, which is led by Major Benon Namanya, has impounded several unworthy boats, immature fish, vehicles and motorcycles used to transport immature fish from Lake Kyoga.

However, the Isabaruuli Constantine Mwogezi Butamanya wants president, Museveni to stop the operations. While commemorating his 14th coronation anniversary at Lwabyata sub county headquarters in Nakasongola district, on Monday, Isabaruuli appealed to President Museveni to stop the operations against illegal fishing until they are streamlined.

He said fishermen are crying because of the harsh treatment by the soldiers who impound their boats on flimsy grounds, which has plunged them into poverty. Isabaruuli also noted that the operations are discriminatory because they are only conducted on the side of Nakasongola leaving fishermen in the other districts around Lake Kyoga to operate freely.

In his response, President Museveni who was Chief Guest at the coronation anniversary celebrations said eating immature fish is wrong and equated it to a pastoralist who eats a calf forgetting about the benefits of a grown cow.

Recently, Sam Kigula, the chairperson Lake Kyoga Integrated Management Organization, an umbrella body for all districts that share the Lake said fishermen had taken advantage of the inadequate number of soldiers on the lake to carry on with illicit fishing.

Kigula said they had petitioned President, Museveni for additional deployment given the fact that the Lake is shared by 11 districts. Kigula disclosed that around 350 soldiers were undergoing training ahead of deployment to address the challenge.

During the anniversary, Museveni pledged to inject Shillings 250 million in chiefdom SACCO and a new vehicle for Isabaruuli following his complaint that the vehicle offered to him in 2004 is very old.


Soroti Teacher Arrested for Alleged Defilement




Police in Soroti have arrested a teacher of Moru-Apesur Primary School in Soroti Municipality for allegedly defiling a 13-year old pupil.

Karoli Arorwa, 36, a resident of Moru-apesur Primary School teacher's quarters was arrested on Monday.

Michael Odongo, the East Kyoga region police spokesperson explains that Arorwa was arrested near Catholic Youth Centre in Soroti town trying to flee to his village.

According to Odongo, Arorwa on Sunday convinced the girl, a resident of Teso Inn Cell, Soroti Municipality to come for her report card but instead took her to his room and defiled her.

Odongo said that they are yet to carry out a medical examination to ascertain whether she was defiled before the suspect is charged of defilement.

According to Odongo, the girl comes from Teso Inn Cell in Eastern Division Soroti Municipality.


Museveni -Lack of Integrity Impeding Anti Corruption Fight




President Yoweri Museveni has admitted government's failure to stamp out embezzlement of public funds due to lack of integrity among public officials.

Speaking during the commemoration of the International Anti-Corruption Day on Monday at Kololo Independence grounds, Museveni said he had set up a new statehouse anti-corruption unit to help report corrupt officials for action.

He introduced Lt. Col. Edith Nakalema to the Public as Head of the Statehouse Anti-Corruption Unit, saying despite the fact that she is a young woman; she is tough when its comes to her job.

Museveni asked members of the public to report corrupt individuals to the team using toll free numbers that he read out to the public and were also displayed on the big screens at Kololo Independence grounds.

The president noted that despite fighting corruption for the last 30 years, it has reached alarming levels. He blamed the escalation of the vice on negligence and lack of action by permanent secretaries, Chief Administrative Officers, town clerks and Sub county chiefs.

After capturing power, Museveni says Uganda's problems included extra judicial killings and extortion by the army on road blocks, poaching, encroachment on Parks and Wetlands with collusion of officials, embezzlement of public funds, bribery and nepotism.

He however, notes that while his government managed to fight the rest, corruption by traffic police and embezzlement of public funds have remained. Museveni asked public servants who are tired of serving under his government to quit rather than serving with corrupt tendencies.

Museveni called on citizens to assist in identifying and reporting corrupt cases to him through his Statehouse Anti-Corruption Unit. He said despite the existence of good laws, government anti corrupt agencies have failed to work because they are also infiltrated by wrong elements.

The State Minister for Ethics and Integrity, Fr. Simon Lokodo, said the Zero Tolerance to Corruption policy recently passed by cabinet will strengthen the fight through inculcating values and integrity among Ugandans especially young people.

This year's anti-corruption events were commemorated under the theme; "Citizens Participation in the fight against corruption: A sustainable path to Uganda's Transformation"


Entebbe Leaders Demand Construction of Flyovers on Express Highway




Leaders in Entebbe have demanded for the construction of flyovers along the Express Highway.

The Katabi town council Chairperson Ronald Kalema says that many pedestrians who use the road are knocked down by speeding vehicles.

Entebbe traffic police registers up to 4 accidents every week along the extension of the expressway stretch. Kalema says, government should institute flyovers along the expressway in three major towns of Nkumba, Katabi and Abayita Ababiri where people are often knocked down.

Kalema also wants the provision of access routes in some areas like Mpala where a roundabout was constructed and an access route removed.

Entebbe Traffic Police Commander Ssewanyana Obadia attributes the road accidents on the express highway to reckless driving. Obadiah now wants people to recognize that the express highway is still under construction and that people need to respect traffic rules.

Allan Kyobe Ssempebwa, the Public relations officer for the Uganda National Roads Authority says the design of the road was approved after getting views from the area leaders.

He, however, says that the flyovers can only be constructed after completion of the road.

Currently, the construction of the expressway extension is still on-going in some parts of Mpala, Nkumba and Abayita Ababiri.


Uganda First Oil 2020 Ambitions Thwarted Says Muloni




The delay by international Oil Companies to make a final Investment Decision (FID) has thwarted government's ambitions for first oil by 2020.

Energy and Mineral Development Minister, Irene Muloni admits it may not be possible for to have oil out of the ground by end of 2020. She says her ministry has provisionally shifted the production timelines to 2021 depending on when the international Oil companies take a decision on whether they will invest in the production of oi in the Albertine Graben.

Muloni was one of the speakers at the just concluded the Africa Oil Week conference in Cape Town South Africa. She told the conference that the new 2021 timeline is line with industry targets.

The Joint Venture Partners (CNOOC, Total and Tullow) were expected to make a final Investment Decision for the integrated Lake Albert project by end of this year. But sources in the Industry indicate that the decision is unlikely to be reached with I the remaining one month.

The Lake Albert Development Project expected to produce around 230,000 bopd when it reaches plateau.

The government approved Development Plans for the project in August 2016 to develop the first 1.2 billion barrels of oil.

The Companies also conducted front-end engineering (FEED) designs and submitted them to government. Muloni confirmed that the government received the FEED design reports.

She said the government is still going through the processes of approval of the designs.

A source at the Ministry of Energy speaking on condition of anonymity told PRIME RADIO the Joint Venture Partners are still involved in evaluations to determine the viability of the projects before they can source $3-4 billion dollars for the refiner and another $3'5 billion for the 1,445 kilometer pipeline to the Port of Tanga.

Meanwhile PRIME RADIO learnt that there has been prolonged negotiations between Uganda and Tanzania over the Host Government Agreement for the East African Crude Oi Pipeline as per the Inter-Governmental Agreement between Uganda and Tanzania.

Negotiation of the Host Government Agreement (HGA) which shall be the framework for the implementation of the EACOP Project commenced in August 2017 but has been dragging on.

Some analysts say the delay to start oil development work has allowed time for an extensive exploration and appraisal programme in the Lake Albert area. But there is concern that the shifting of timeline to actual production is negatively affecting some of the industry players.

A delegation of EU diplomats this week visited some of the oil projects like the development of Airport in Kabale Hoima among others. While donor said they were satisfied with developments, they equally expressed concern about the delay.

Belgian Ambassador to Uganda, Hugo Verbist said infrastructure works around oil have been part of the government's priorities. But he says oil should now be produced so that the social, agriculture and other sectors can benefit.

Verbist said there are companies that established in Uganda alongside the oi value chain but their activities are almost on standstill because oil production has delayed.

Stephanie Rivoal, the Ambassador of France in Uganda perhaps put it more vividly as to why oil production should not be faced with further delays.

The French Government has been behind Total E&P which is one of the Joint Venture partners CNOOC and Tullow.



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