Rain Slows Traffic to Kaweesi's Home




A heavy downpour has rendered the road to Kitwekyanjovu village in Lwengo district nearly impassable, hours before Andrew Felix Kaweesi, the slain Ugandan Police Force spokesperson is due to be buried there.

Kaweesi, an Assistant Inspector General of Police was shot dead on Friday morning alongside his body guard Kenneth Erau and driver Godfrey Mambewa, near his home in Kulambiro home, a Kampala suburb.

Today, hundreds of mourners are already flocking Kaweesi's home located at Kitwekyanjovu village in Kyazanga sub county in Lwengo district. However, the 12km road leading to the burial site has been rendered impassible after a heavy downpour last night.

A PRIME RADIO reporter in the area has seen many vehicles of dignitaries stuck on the road. Over one hundred vehicles are stuck after a truck carrying water zigzagged on the slippery road and blocked it.

Most of the vehicles belong to government officials including top police and army officers. Police personnel and residents are helping to pull vehicles out of the muddy road using hand hoes.

A two-kilometre road section to Kaweesi's home has been closed after floods cut off Kitwekyanjovu swamp.

Many mourners have jumped out of their vehicles to walk to the funeral venue. Josephine Nandujja is one of those that have left their vehicles to walk on foot for two kilometres. She says she has decided to abandon her vehicle on the road to be in time for the requiem mass slated to start at midday.

Musician Joseph Mayanja also known as Jose Chameleon is among those walking to the venue.

Security has been stepped up by anti-riot police and counter terrorism officers along the road leading to the burial venue. Those accessing the venue are being checked thoroughly.

John Baptist Kaggwa, the Bishop of Masaka Diocese is expected to lead the final requiem mass before the 43-year-old officer is laid to rest.

Kaweesi's body was flown to Lwengo on Monday evening in a police helicopter. Hundreds of mourners broke down and cried when the casket containing his remains touched down at Kyazanga play ground.

Mourner loudly cried saying Kaweesi is irreplaceable.


UNDP Donates UGX308M Equipment to EC



The United Nations Development Programme-UNDP has donated an assortment of equipment to Electoral Commission for the establishment of a media center.

The EC Commission Vice Chairperson, Hajjat Aisha Nalubega received the equipment valued at USA $ 85, 795 [about Shillings 308 million] at the commission headquarters this morning.

The items include a customized media van, 4 pieces of Sony 49'' Android Television sets, 13 pieces of Epson Overhead Projectors, 6 Apple Computers, a Canon Image Runner Copier and Sony Video Cameras among others.

Rosa Malango, the UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative in Uganda, said their intention is to reinforce the capacity of the Commission to communicate to the public through the latest technology.

While receiving the equipment, Hajjat Aisha Lubega, the EC Vice Chairperson, says equipment and van will boost the delivery of electoral services to the public.

According to Nalubega, the equipment has come at a critical stage of evaluating the conduct of the 2016 general elections, with the aim of identifying and consolidating areas where they excelled.


Bats Invade Amolatar Health Centre




Bats have invaded Alyec-meda Health Centre II, Agwingiri sub county in Amoltar district causing anxiety among health workers and patients.

Although the bats have colonised all the health centre departments, the outpatient and the staff quarters are the worst affected.

A stench from the mammals' waste hang in the air at the health facility when a PRIME RADIO reporter visited the area over the weekend.

There are black marks on the health centre's white ceiling as a result of the bats.The noise from the bats inside the ceiling board was quit irritating to some patients who had visited the facility for medical attention.

Rose Okwongo, an expectant mother who had come for antenatal services said many of her colleagues have abandoned the health centre because of the smell and noise caused by the bats.

Okwongo says every time she visits and takes long at the health centre she vomits because of the smell.

Patrick Owani, another patient found at the hospital says most people in the neighbourhood prefer to seek medical attention from Amai hospital, more than 70 kilometres away for fear of the health implications that may be caused by the bats.

James Okwir, the in-charge of Alyec-meda health Centre II, says that the mammals invaded the health centre more than five years ago and attempts to get rid of them have been in vain.

He cited an example recently when the UPDF medical brigade team sprayed the house during their Tarehe Sita activities. The bats disappeared for about a week, only to return in big numbers.

Okwir said the problem is beyond the health centre's management now.

Established in 2007, Alyec-meda health centre II is the only health facility in Agwingiri sub county.

Okwir says the invasion by the bats has affected daily enrolment at the hospital. He said previously they would register more than 200 patients daily but that it has reduced to about 80 patients.

"The facility is in a crisis now; both patients and nurses are reluctant to come to the clinic due to the uncomfortable condition here," he says.

He said the Alyec-meda health centre II is very important to the farmers and fishermen in the area. He explained that the health centre serves several remote villages around the catchment area with a total population of about 8,300.

On top of the inconveniences, Okwir explained that the bats bats can be a health hazard. He said that they can cause plague and allergy to people. He said that a bat bite can cause rabies, a disease commonly associated with dog bites.

Research has also suggested that bats might be the source of several hemorrhagic fevers, which affect multiple organ systems in the body and often lead to life-threatening diseases. One of these diseases is Marburg hemorrhagic fever, which is found exclusively in Africa.

A 2014 research by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention shows that past outbreaks have shown that Marburg Hemorrhagic Fever kills up to 90% of those infected. While the natural host had for years been unknown, new research suggests that fruit bats are a natural source of this virus, and the virus has been isolated repetitively from fruit bats in Uganda.


NTC Kabale Seeks Capitation Grant Increase




Calls for the increase of capitation grants to the National Teachers Colleges-NTC across the country dominated the 9th graduation ceremony of Kabale National Teachers College-NTC in Kabale District.

Currently, government provides Shillings 1800 for each student at National Teachers College each day. The grant is meant to cover the basic necessities of students and general maintenance costs.

Education stakeholders have raised concern over government's failure to increase the Capitation Grant to National Teacher's Colleges for the last eight years.

Speaking during the graduation ceremony over the weekend, Benjamin Turyahikayo, the Principal for National Teachers College Kabale, said the Shillings 1800 allocated to the NTC's for each student can't even buy even a single breakfast compared to the state of economy.

Turyahikayo was backed by Professor James Tumwiine, the Chairperson Governing Council at National Teacher's College Kabale. Professor Tumwiine argued that the increase of the capitation grant is long overdue.

Jolly Uzamukunda Karabayi, the Acting Commissioner for Higher Education, who represented the First lady and Education Minister, Janet Kataha Museveni promised to draft a report and forward it to the Minister for consideration.

1430 students graduated with diplomas and certificates in various education courses.


Two Moroto Inmates Die




Two inmates from Moroto central prisons died last week due to various illnesses. 37-year-old Moton Lomoru from Napak district died on March 8th 2017 at Moroto Regional Referral Hospital.

Another inmate, Boiboi Apaakori aged 50-years died the next day at the same hospital. A highly placed source Moroto Regional Referral Hospital told PRIME RADIO that both inmates were admitted on March 6th with different conditions.

According to the source, Lomoru had severe anaemia with bilateral Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) while Apaakori had respiratory complications and DVT. Deep Vein Thrombosis refers to a blood clot that occurs in the deep veins of the arm or leg, according to medicine net an online health information portal.

Dr. Fiona Lalango who treated the inmates, says they are yet to decide what caused the blood clot since they lack the tools to investigate such cases. She notes that three inmates with similar conditions were rushed to Kampala for further management.

William Awany, the Officer in Charge of Moroto Central Prisons declined to comment on the death of the inmates, saying he was on his way to Lira for the burial of his brother.

Uganda Prisons Spokesperson, Frank Baine denied the death of inmates. He however, said there was some cases of Hepatitis B in the hospital.

Geoffrey Mawa, the Principal Administrator Moroto Regional Referral Hospital, says the bodies of the inmates were buried in Moroto municipal council mortuary on Sunday.


NFA to Auction Timber from BFR




The National Forestry Authority (NFA) is set to auction 1,430 pieces of timber impounded from illegal loggers in Bugoma Central Forest Reserve. The timber was impounded in December 2016 from a holding place in Kyangwali Sub County.

Francis Madrama, a sector manager in the reserve says that NFA has secured a court order allowing the government agency to auction the timber which has since remained under police custody.

Madrama adds that proceeds from the auction will be kept in court for three months and will later be transferred to the NFA accounts in the event that no one claims ownership of the timber in question.

Bugoma Central Forest Reserve, in Hoima district has been subject to encroachment, illegal timber logging and agriculture for crop production. Madrama warns that if the trend spells doom for the region if not reversed in the wake of global warming.

In a related development, NFA together with the environment police have impounded a trailer number UAN 362X loaded with tonnes of timber that was being driven from an illegal dealers holding store at Kasingo village near the Hoima district headquarters.

Madrama says NFA was alerted by whistle blowers that timber was being loaded onto a trailer that was parked in an isolated place on March 3. A driver identified as Dalausi Damulira, was immediately charged in the Hoima Magistrates Court and fined 10 million Shillings after pleading guilty to the charges of illegal transportation of timber.

The trailer is parked at the Hoima Central Police Station park yard.

NFA has now approved a reward of five percent of every forest product recovered from illegal dealers to any informer who tips its officials. NFA Executive Director Michael Mugisa says that the reward may be a fraction of the money earned from timber auction.



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