Ugandans Forced to Register as Refugees in Kyangwali




More than 1000 Ugandans in areas neighboring Kyangwali Refugees settlement were forced to attain refugee status in order to retain 'ownership' of their land.

The scheme was reportedly crafted by Charles Bafaki, the Principal Resettlement Officer in the Office of the Prime Minister, Jolly Kebirungi, the Camp Commandant Kyangwali Refugee Settlement Area, in the newly created Kikuube district and Lutaaya Vianney from Ministry of Lands.

Birungi Asiimwe, one of the affected residents says the officers with the use of police and soldiers, tortured residents and forced them to sign up as refugees on their own land, after which they were issued with cards confirming them as refugees.

The pink cards, seen by PRIME RADIO, have a stamp from the Office of the Prime Minister classifying residents as Kyangwali refugee Settlement area members.

According to the Residents, the Issuance of the Refugees' cards to Ugandans started in November 2018. This is around the same time that the Office of the Prime Minister announced a plan to expand the boundaries of the camp, which would provide more land for the resettlement of refugees.

Nestroy Tumwesigye, a resident of Bukinda in Kyangwali Sub County explains that those who declined to denounce their citizenship for refugee status were harassed and had their land annexed to the resettlement land, which is reserved for refugees.

Each refugee in Uganda is entitled to a 50 by 50 plot of land for cultivation and settlement, materials for construction of a shelter and daily food rations for a period of at least one year.

Although they have a right to work, do business, and freely move around the country, the refugees cannot own the land they cultivate, or the homes they live in, according to the terms of the 2006 Refugees Act. This makes the Ugandan nationals vulnerable to eviction if their refugee status elapses.

The move could also delineate their children and grandchildren who cannot be granted Ugandan citizenship because, under the constitution, citizenship is out of reach for all those with a parent or grandparent who was a refugee within the Ugandan boundaries at any given time.

The residents now want the officers investigated by the state house Anti-Corruption Unit headed by Lt. Col. Edith Nakalema for allegedly turning them into refugees on their own land. They accused the government of favoring refugees at the expense of Ugandans, adding that efforts to better the lives of refugees have rendered Ugandans landless in their own country.

The Residents have already handed over the Exhibits to Lt. Col. Nakalema to help her start up investigations against the two officers.

Last week a team of Investigators led by Lt. Col. Edith Nakalema, stormed Kyangwali Refugees' Settlement area to investigate the prevailing land Conflict in the area and assured them of a concrete report after her investigations.

In 2013, more than 60,000 so-called "encroachers", Ugandan nationals who settled on land earmarked for refugees, were forcibly evicted from the Kyangwali refugee settlement in central-western Uganda to make way for new arrivals from DRC. The families later sued the government, claiming to have lived with refugees since the 1960's when the refugee resettlement was started.


Kabalagala Police Accused of Frustrating Assault Cas



The police at Kabalagala Police Station are on the spot for mismanaging an assault case.

In October, the Defense Secretary Luwafu Zone in Makindye Division Charles Namukula was assaulted by Chinese nationals. Namakula was attempting to rescue one of the Chinese's workers who was being assaulted.

According to Namukula, as he attempted to stop the Chinese from beating the lady, he was too assaulted and his mobile phone damaged.

Namukula, says that he opened up a case of assault and malicious damage under case number 65/20/10/2018 at Kabalagala Police Station.

However, Namukula says that since then, the police have failed to investigate the case. He accuses the Officer-in-charge Kabalagala Police Station Godfrey Omony of allegedly frustrating the case.

The Local Council 1 Chairman Fred Musasizi says that the police are not willing to investigate the case. Musasizi also says that when he tried following up the investigations, he was told by the police to back off the case.

Efforts to get a comment from the Omony were futile.

However, the investigating officer John Olare says that some police officers have been under pressure not to investigate the case. He, however, says that the case file was processed and sent to the Resident State Attorney for perusal.


Don't Be Divided By Religion - Mufti Ndirangwa




The Supreme Mufti of Uganda has called for peaceful co-existence of Ugandans despite different religious backgrounds.

Sheikh Silliman Kasule Ndirangwa says that Muslims should learn to co-exist with other religions because there are many things which they share in common.

Ndirangwa said this on Sunday evening while presiding over Shukur (thanksgiving) for Satia Nakiganda at Butuntumula sub county in Luweero.

He also added that people must be united and strive for better education, health and other social issues that develop the country rather than being divided by religion.

Mufti Ndirangwa also cautioned the Muslims against calling non-Muslims pagans saying this is not acceptable because they subscribe to God but through other religious beliefs.

He asked them to talk to non Muslims politely to convert into Islam rather than branding them as pagans

Rogers Mulindwa, the National Resistance Movement Secretariat Spokesperson asked residents in Luweero to emulate the family of Ms Satia Nakiganda who is Muslim but her children are Seventh Day Adventists and Anglicans who are living peacefully together.

Ronald Ndawula the LC 5 Chairman of Luweero says that religion should be drivers of spiritual and personal development but not be used to incite people against each other.

Ndawula added that people are free to worship what they believe in and the rest should be left to judge rather than provoking each other into unnecessary conflicts.

In Luweero Muslims are divided between factions allied to him and others to Mufti Ramadhan Mubajje of Old Kampala leadership.

The divisions emanate from accusation of dishonesty and selling off Muslim property against Mufti Mubajje.


Bodies of Lake Bisina Accident Victims Retrieved




The bodies of two people who drowned in Lake Bisina on Saturday have been retrieved. The bodies were recovered by residents on Sunday evening following a massive search.

The deceased are Esther Nabirye and her uncle, Michael Odelo, both residents of Kelim 1 village in Kapujan Sub County in Katakwi district. The duo drowned on Saturday when the boat they were traveling on capsized in Lake Bisina.

Three other people including Agnes Akiror, Betty Abeja and a one identified as Atigo were rescued by residents. John Robert Oluka, the Kapujan Sub County LC III Vice chairperson, says Nabirye's body was buried on Sunday evening while Odelo will be buried this evening.

Michael Odongo, the East Kyoga Region Police Spokesperson, says the deceased were returning with the three survivors from Kokorio parish where they had gone to collect firewood when their boat capsized due to strong winds.


Locally Manufactured Products Must Be Certified




The Standards body, Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS), says all products covered by compulsory standards must be certified and issued with its distinctive mark before getting onto the market.

This follows the coming into force on January 1st of the Use of Distinctive Mark Regulations 2018.

Ben Manyindo, the UNBS chief executive said on Monday that the distinctive mark regulations is a consumer protection effort to ensure that locally manufactured products comply with quality standards, enhance their competitiveness and increase access to local and regional markets.

According to UNBS, some of the products that must be certified before getting onto the market include foods, drinks, electronics, cosmetics, steel products, cement, confectioneries, honey and mattresses among others.

UNBS has developed over 3,000 standards, 1,300 of which are compulsory, attracting annual permit fees of 350,000 shillings per annum.

To get certified, a local product has to undergo conformity assessment which includes product testing and auditing of production systems to ensure good hygienic and manufacturing practices.

UNBS, however, does not tell how it intends to enforce the regulations considering that locally produced products are being churned out throughout the country, the extent of which is not established. In the past UNBS has also complained of manpower challenges.


Nine Arrested Over Fake Road Blocks




Sembabule Police are holding nine people for allegedly staging fake road blocks to rob the public. The suspects are accused of staging fake road blocks in Mabindo and Lugusulu Sub Counties in Sembabule district among other areas.

They are Richard Kakooza, the leader of the group, Augustine Kasoozi, John, Matovu Godfrey Matovu, Lawrence Kabuye, Ivan Kutesa, Andrew Kafero and Robert Ssebuma among others.

Preliminary police investigations indicate that the group has been using a toy gun to terrorize people in different parts of the district. The suspects have since admitted to have robbed and killed Joseph Uziweye, a businessman in Kikoma village in Mabindo Sub County.

Paul Mubiru, a resident of Mabindo village and robbery victim, says they have lost a lot of money to robbers who have been mounting fake road blocks and rob them of their valuables. According to Mubiru, he was placed at gun point on New Year's Eve while returning home and robbed by the group.

Joseph Mukasa, another resident says they had decided to stop moving at night and going to night clubs for fear of being robbed. Lameck Kigozi, the Southern Region Police Spokesperson, says the suspects and their accomplices that are still at large have been involved in a spate of crime in the region.

He says that the group was arrested on a tip off by residents when they staged a fake roadblock at Lugusulu village in Lugusulu Sub County on Sunday night.

Kigozi says police has also recovered a fake gun and different tools such as hammers, iron bars and machetes the group has been using to rob residents.

He says the group faces charges of robbery and will appear in court once police investigations are complete.



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