Questions on Abiriga's Death Dominate NRM Primary Campaigns




The candidates are Nusura Tiperu, Godfrey Obiga, Swadik Angupale, Jackson Atima, Mohammad Aluma, Mubarak Khalifa, Simon Ejua and John Lematia. Voters tasked each of the candidates to explain their contribution when they lost the incumbent MP, Ibrahim Abiriga.

Unidentified thugs gunned down Abiriga and his brother, Saidi Buga as they drove home in Kawanda in Wakiso district to break their fast on June 08. During the joint campaigns, voters asked Nusura Tiperu, the former Yumbe Woman MP to explain where she was when they were grieving for Abiriga.

Tiperu told off those questioning her whereabouts during Abiriga's death, saying her religious beliefs don't allow her to speak about the dead. Amina Yusuf and Babu Ajobe, both residents of River Oli division questioned why Nusura claims to be the only link to the President yet she hasn't been with them over the years.

The voters tasked Tiperu's rivals, Godfrey Obiga, Swadik Angupale, Jackson Atima, Mohammad Aluma, and John Lematia to identify the legacy left by Abiriga and how they intend to uphold them.

Swadik Angupale asked the NRM supporters to trust him, saying he will deliver to their expectations. He explained that it is because of his good leadership that students of Kampala International University Arua Campus have voted him Guild President for two terms.

However, none of the voters put a question to Mubarak Khalifa, the eldest candidate in the NRM primaries throughout the three hour's joint campaigns. Simon Ejua didn't show up for the joint campaign rally.

Reports from the NRM office is in Arua show that he opted to do individual campaigns contrary to the agreed position that candidates campaign jointly.

Joyce Amaguru, the Arua District NRM Vice chairperson has commends the candidates and their supporters for exhibiting discipline and order during the campaigns.

NRM supporters will go to the polls tomorrow to voter their candidate for the Arua municipality MP seat. Electoral Commission has scheduled the general polls for August 15th 2018.


Illegal Land Titles in Entebbe Wetlands Issued by Intern



George Waseni, a Principal Staff Surveyor with the Works and Transport Ministry has blamed an intern at his private survey company for the issuance of illegal land titles in Nambigirwa Wetland near Lake Victoria, in Entebbe.

Waseni, besides being a civil servant, is the Managing Director of Integrated Surveys and Mapping Consultants. He told the land Probe chaired by Justice Catherine Bamugemereire today that Jim Nganda, an intern surveyor, carried out a survey for Plots 491 and 492 at Nambigirwa on behalf of one Alex Lwanga.

Waseni told the Land Probe that Nganda took advantage of a loophole at his firm by accessing a survey template from the firm's secretary and surveyed 457 hectares of land. Nganda worked at Waseni's Integrated Surveys and Mapping Consults from 2012 to 2013.

But his response prompted further questions from the Commission's lead counsel Ebert Byenkya who wondered how the Company's Managing Director handed over his job entirely to the secretary. But Waseni said that the survey request never went to him, the reason his signature does not appear on the final product.

Byenkya questioned why Waseni never sensed any abnormality in the application to survey the 457 hectares of land and for failing to conduct due diligence to ensure quality control while supervising his interns.

Waseni disapproved the outcome of the survey saying that it involved a lot of forgeries and that if the file had gone to him, he would have invalidated the work. Justice Catherine Bamugemereire declined to believe Waseni's submission that sinister operations at his survey firm were concealed from him.

Bamugemereire directed Waseni to record a fresh statement with detectives attached to the Land Probe after he said that he had not carried some of the information he wanted to incorporate in his earlier statement.

Titles to these plots together with others in several central forest reserves have since been cancelled by the Lands Ministry of Lands.


Compensation Squabbles Slow Entebbe Expressway Completion




The delay in compensating landowners in Abayita ababiri, a busy suburb along the Entebbe expressway extension route has slowed down the pace of the road construction.

Part of the expressway stretching from Busega in Kampala to Mpala in Katabi Town Council and an adjacent stretch to Bunga, from Kajjansi Town Council was commissioned by President Yoweri Museveni last month. However, the road extension from Mpala to Entebbe International Airport remains under construction.

Whereas part of the works has been completed in areas from Katabi Town Council headquarters to Victoria Mall in Entebbe, works in abayita ababiri have stalled as a result of compensation squabbles involving four landowners, a fuel station and a number of other residents who received compensation but never vacated the land.

Robert Mukasa, one of those who haven't been compensated told PRIME RADIO that the delayed compensation was a result of the poor documentation of land titles. He says that they cannot vacate the said land until their payments have been effected.

The construction of the 49.56 km expressway and its extension to the airport was undertaken by the China Communication Construction Company - CCCC at a cost of USD 476 million (about 1.8 trillion Shillings).

The delay in completion has led to increased dust in Abayita ababiri town which has negatively impacted businesses in the area, according to Richard Kalema, one of the residents. Other places that haven't been completed stretch from Victoria Mall to the airport.

The completion of the unfinished stretch according to the UNRA Communications Manager Mark Ssali is expected before the end of 2018. He also indicated that UNRA will compensate the few remaining landlords before the end of August to pave way for the road construction.

A fortnight ago, UNRA forcefully evicted Dan Fred Lutaaya from a plot of the land annexed to Entebbe Division A offices when he refused to vacate a plot of land he rented yet he was compensated 153 million Uganda Shillings.


Prime Radio's Legendary Presenter Baptised




It was December 17, 2017 when Prime Radio staff team went out for an end-of year staff party at some Buloba Forest Beach when Daniel Bazaawe [aka. Mzee Kinvinvi], a Pentecostal Christian who had worked with Prime Radio for 14 years got a serious encounter with Christ.

The radio’s Board Chairman, Pr. Josiah Usaba (who is also the Stewardship Director of the Central Uganda Conference) held intercessory prayer and counseling sessions with individual staff members at the party among which was Bazaawe

Prime Radio Pastor, Mike Mayanja notes that, Prime Radio invited Pr. Usaba, a spiritual leader to grace the occasion

“…and whenever a pastor is hosted at a radio’s function, the radio uses the opportunity to ensure that the staff members benefit from the pastor’s presence as they are prayed for and given spiritual nurture”, he adds.

Bazaawe reports that at about 5:00pm (GMT+3), he quit party entertainment that was going on and entered the pastor’s gazette room to explain the personal stress he was going through and at least receive a prayer of relief

“As I explained my onus to this pastor who looked empathic, he decided to counsel me and give me moral support before he could pray for me”, Bazaawe explains

“The pastor revealed to me how i had been deceived by the World’s sugar-coated offers and that, there was Christ who could give me everlasting life”, he adds

He says the Pastor’s words have haunted him for the last six months until when he decided to get baptized into the Seventh Day Adventist church that believes in the true Christ

“For the 14 years I had worked with Prime Radio, I had decided not to listen to all the preaching I could encounter, lest ‘those people’ convert to me into their faith but the last six months since December 2017 have given me hard time as I was contemplating the Pastor’s statements”, Bazaawe said in surrender

At the baptismal pool at Rest Gardens Bweyogerere, Pr. Usaba commended Prime Radio’s work of disseminating the Gospel to masses, noting that it’s even far joyous if the staff members too receive Christ as their personal savior

The radio’s pastor, Mike Mayanja, who was expressly very happy, revealed that God had answered his prayers

“I have been praying in sincere yearning that God may save souls of Prime Radio staff members who have worked diligently for the radio that saves souls”

The radio’s Managing Director, Eng. Fred Nkayivu noted that Prime Radio recruits workers on merit regardless of their spiritual background (save for top management positions) because it is a Gospel mission oriented institution

Before joining Prime Radio in 2004, Daniel Bazaawe was a part of a secular music band that was headed a famous singer, Chance Nalubega.

Prime Radio, founded in 2002, has registered baptism of over 1500 souls per year through the Corporate Prayer Day, On-air crusades, Open- air crusades as well as the walk-in converts who follow the daily sermons and after a while, look for the radio Pastor for baptism.

Prime Radio developed a slogan; “Gospel, Music, Development and Charity” as a theme towards achievement of the Gospel mission

Prime Radio, located in Kireka, a suburb of Kampala - Uganda’s capital is found on frequency 91.9fm and on for online listeners across the World.


UNSA Demands Social Media Tax Exemption for Students




Students under their umbrella body, Uganda National Student's Association (UNSA) have asked government to exempt students from paying Over the Top Tax (OTT), a tax on the use of social media saying majority still depend on their parents for upkeep.

Edgar Ayebazibwe, the UNSA Assistant National General Secretary said on Monday that students in the country are currently dependent on parents and guardians and that subjecting them to the tax will affect their access to useful information in their academic career.

Addressing journalists at Makerere University Guest House, the student's leaders maintained that the tax was unreasonable and want government to expedite the process meant to review the recently passed Excise Duty law.

The 2014 statistics from the Uganda National Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) indicates that there are over 200,000 students in higher institutions of learning.

Ayebazibwe says majority of these students live in hopeless situations on how to get employment after school, and that majority have been using social media as a networking tool for possible employment opportunities.

Effective July 1, 2018 Uganda blocked access to social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter, and other Financial Technology Companies - FinTechs, and left to be accessed after users pay a 200-shilling daily tax that translates to Ugx. 6,000 per month.

Jothan Yamureebire Burobuto, the UNSA President says they have waited for government to resolve the issues surrounding the social media taxes patiently.

He wonders how a government with a full ministry of Information Technology can fail to ensure implementing basics including provision of stable Wi-Fi internet connections with in higher education institutions.

He alluded to the botched presidential pledge in the 2016 campaigns in which government promised provision of free wireless access to Internet in Kampala Central Business District and parts of Entebbe effective 1st October 2016.

Through the National Information Technology Authority Uganda (NITA-U) government commenced the trial provision of free wireless access to Internet in parts of Kampala but later went silent.


EC Advises LC I Losers to Seek Legal Redress




Candidates who lost the just concluded Local Council One elections have been advised to seek legal redress. The advice was given by the Electoral Commission following complaints and calls for fresh elections from several parts of the country.

One such request was made by Hakim Muzamil, a candidate who lost a race in Bazaar Ward, Arua Municipality.

According to Muzamil, the registration of voters was done in a selective manner, often delineating persons known to be non-supporters of the ruling National Resistance Movement-NRM party.

Another Candidate, Asindua Remy from Arua Hill Cell in Arua municipality accuses the district returning officer of conniving with his opponents to eliminate him from the position.

Asindua, who has been holding the chairman's seat for more than ten years, lost to an independent candidate after he was told that his name did not appear on the village register.

"They (EC) were sectarian and did not disclose information regarding registration of voters for these elections and also the method of voting was wrong," Asindua told PRIME RADIO in an interview.

But Michael Arinaitwe, the Assistant Returning Officer of Arua says whoever feels cheated or unsatisfied with the election results can go for redress in the courts of law. He faults voters for ignoring sensitization meetings and information issued by the Electoral Commission ahead of polling day.

However, there are no records of official complaints filed with the police in Arua, even when voters and candidates continue to grumble about the outcome. According to the police spokesperson for West Nile Josephine Angucia, although several disagreements emerged from the process, no formal complaint was registered with the police for further action.

Bosco Taban, an opinion leader in Arua says reporting complaints of such elections will never yield any fruit because of the rather partisan nature of the police.

Preliminary information indicates that over half of the incumbent Local Council One chairpersons in Arua district lost their positions to new entrants.



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